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PLANS: Amsteram, Dublin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin. Classes?

In the past two days, plans have transformed from distant ideas to distinctive commitments, and I am stressed. Apparently the reason why it was so hard to find affordable hostels in Dublin the weekend we are going is because there is a rugby championship there that weekend. But Bettina finally saved the day and found us a place in the Temple Bar neighborhood to stay for 24 Euros a night. I've decided to spend two nights in Dublin instead of travelling across Ireland to visit Galway for one day. I want to get a "firm" impression of the city. I know that one day isn't going to change much, but I'll have a better chance of figuring out what Dublin is about if I spend two days there. I wish my schedule let me leave the castle on Thursdays or come back on Mondays, but I officially registered for the most inconvenient courses available at Kasteel Well. So I get two days in Ireland. My writing professor emphasized how important it will be to stay more than 48 hours on location to find a "theme" that conceptualizes the culture, the people, and the history of the locale.

Kristin and I are also working on visiting Copenhagen (Denmark is the happiest country in the world), and a trip to Hamburg and Berlin. Joshua Radin will be in Hamburg March 27th, so we're getting our tickets and planning all around that. It's a few blocks away from the "Reeperbahn" which is called "the sinful mile". Oi Vey, right? Exciting, nonetheless. Ironically, it's not the trains or hostels that are stressing me out, it's the bus system in the Netherlands. Any online guide is useless, because Google Translate refuses to translate the search engines for finding bus routes. There will be a tremendous learning curve shortly.

So, besides travel weekends, I had two classes today. Ethics and Values, which is concerned mostly with the philosophy of moral dilemmas, biology, and evolutionary theory. Bizarre, if you ask me. That class is going to fry my brain. I also had Travel Writing today, and the professor seems very enthusiastic and knowledgable. I'm concerned that this semester will bring my GPA down because the European professors grade on a European level, not on an American perception of "an A for Effort." How much time am I really going to have to focus on so much work? This work load is comparable, if not exceeding the work I had in Boston during past semesters.

Other than that, not much has occured since my last post. Haven't taken any photos, but maybe I will have some before the weekend. The trip to Amsterdam is somewhat clarified - we have to find our own transportation home from the city center. I'm just going to pay for the train ticket instead of using my Eurail pass. On our free time, Kristin and I want to go to the Anne Frank Huis. I'm waking up at 9 to sign up to go to the Van Gogh Museum, and the entire school is going to the Rijksmuseum, so I'm pleased. Should be loads of pictures up by Monday.

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