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Pre-Carnivale festivities, more orientation, and upcoming trips

Last night, almost the entire school ended up at the Linden. It's the local pub in town. It was special last night because in the back room, there is a stage, and the locals were celebrating because they were choosing the colors and officials for Carnivale. Men were wearing these strange blue and white hats, adorned with sequins and gems. Up on stage the locals were singing according to a lyric packet they handed out around the party, I took one for people to look at later. There was accordian player which lead most of the music along. And all of the people on the floor would sing along and start conga lines. I think I joined more conga lines last night than I had ever seen in my entire life combined. The people of Well were tolerant of us students joining in the festivities, as long as were were quiet for some sections. I'm really excited to see the carnivale parades here. Carnivale is mostly celebrated in the southern provinces of Noord Brabant and Limburg (where Kasteel Well is located).

Today we did more orientation activities. We learned about Emerson's history at Kasteel Well. The program started in 1984, but didn't break even until around 1990. Our program director, Dulcia Meijers (who is also my Art History prof) is simply an amazing woman. I'm really looking forward to getting to know her, it seems like she has quite a story.
We also learned some Dutch phrases, words, and songs. I'm not sure if I will remember all of them, but I sure know the birthday song well. We have to sing it at every birthday dinner in the cafeteria.

Right now Kristin and I have just finished booking our trip to Ireland. We're flying there February 6th til the 8th. This way we won't have to activate our 2-month eurail passes yet. The whole round trip only cost $72 US dollars, and we're going to share a double hotel room with a few other girls. Staying in Galway on Friday and Dublin on Saturday. Haven't figured out the rest yet, but it's still two weeks away.

On Tuesday we'll learn more about our excursion to Amsterdam, which occurs Friday through Sunday this weekend.

Right now I need some sleep. I haven't been feeling well and I have a 10am class tomorrow, but first I will need breakfast.

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